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Patent-Pending Technology

The World's First & Only Water Replacement Liquid

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Who We Are

We are the developers of the world’s first and only, patent pending, exclusive, maintenance free L2O Liquid, that completely replaces water. Since 2003, we have designed, fabricated and installed, interior, exterior, commercial & residential custom features throughout the U.S. & Canada.

What Makes Us Unique

Why Work With Us

Maintenance is a thing of the past

No sanitation required. Nothing can grow in the liquid, which prevents mold, algae, bacteria and viruses. No more staining.

Non-Organic Means It’s Bacteria-Free

Fully synthetic, non-petroleum based. Nothing can grow in it such as infectious bacteria like Legionella, that causes 18,000 deaths a year found in water.

Eco-Friendly to Mother Earth

ZERO water usage and eliminates harmful chemicals going down the drain. Indefinite shelf life (3yr warranty). Backed by industrial studies.

Non-Toxic Non-Flammable Formula

No more cancer-causing sanitizing chemicals. Much safer than water and does not burn. Visually better than water and sounds just like water.

Time to Say Goodbye to Evaporation

No more scaling and deposits. No humidity and no odors. No corrosion. Eliminates pumping air borne bacteria and viruses into the air. Eliminates water cost.

Independent of Indoor & Outdoor Temperatures

Enjoy your custom feature using our L2O Liquid in any type of environment. It does not freeze. Dying your L2O Liquid to any color is a safe option you have.

A Few of Our Clients

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Crystal Cascade Series

The Anza Hotel, Calabasas CA

Custom Signature Series

Canadian Residence, Edmonton AB

Crystal Cascade Series

Porsche Dealership, Atlanta GA

Custom Signature Series

Kona Grill, El Paso TX

Harmony Cascade Series

We Florida Financial Credit Union, Ft. Lauderdale FL

Crystal Cascade Series, Sheer Cascade Series

Essex County College, Newark NJ

Crystal Cascade Series

Dermatologist Medical Group, Carmel Valley CA

Crystal Cascade Series

Bolo Group, Costa Mesa CA

Custom Signature Series

Bella Villaggio Facility, Palm Desert CA

Crystal Cascade Series

Ardalan & Associates, Thousand Oaks CA

Crystal Cascade Series

Spec Home, Calabasas CA

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A Few of Our Clients


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